Shoppers could be forced to pay a 5p tax on single use plastic bottles to help clean up the environment, Theresa May has said.The Prime Minister said that she was considering a levy on plastic bottles like water and soft drinks bottles in a bid to change behaviour among consumers.

A similar levy on carrier bags resulted in an 83 per cent fall in the number of single-use plastic bags taken home since 2015.

Mrs May is due to set out her plans for the environment in a major speech on Thursday this week.

We fully support any plans to help the environment, and if this initiative is approved it follows the patterns we have seen with organaisations looking to reduce coffee mug consumption opting to make re-usable mugs more accesible for staff and clients. Beyond the obvious benefits to the world in which we live re-usable water bottles and coffee mugs are a fantastic and hugely popular branding tool. We look forward to the decision on Thursday.