Winter is generally seen as the time for giving gifts, so why not give some special promotional merchandise to boost your business at this beautiful time of year? We’ve lined up our top selection of wintry merchandise to ensure you’ll be on the tip of everyone’s tongue as the nights draw in and the weather gets colder. 

The great thing about many of the top picks is that they aren’t just limited to the one season of the year. If anything, the unseasonable weather we experience in the UK means they can be used at any time, giving the gift of business promotion 12 months a year! 

Staying warm


As winter approaches, coats that haven’t seen the light of day in 9 months reemerge from wardrobes along with boots and wellies; not only that, but habits change, where you spend your time, what you do, even what you eat. 

Each of these yearly changes makes for an excellent opportunity to promote your brand. By predicting how your target market will act or what they’ll use during the winter and giving them something branded, you’re ensuring that you’ll be seen.

There’s a whole host of products that lend themselves to winter, from cold weather clothing to coffee cups and hot cocoa; we take a look at how best to stay relevant and promote yourself throughout the latter months of the year. 

Cosy clothing

Some of the first things to feel the bite of a wintry wind are your ears and your fingers, and short of burying your hands in your coat pockets and growing out your hair, there’s not much you can do about it. That is unless you own a pair of gloves and a hat.

An essential part of cold winter clothing, the glove is a great way to promote your brand. Remaining (quite literally) on hand, the practicality of a pair of gloves means that anyone wearing branded versions will see your logo frequently.  

We have a variety of gloves available, both full fingered and half, for those practical users. Both are guaranteed to keep digits warm and are customisable to feature your logo or brand name.

Similarly, our hats are a great way to keep toasty and come in a range of styles suitable for genders and sizes. From the practical hi-vis option that will keep you just as visible as it will warm, to the fashionable and snug knitted bobble hat that comes in a variety of colours to suit your market’s tastes – you can find a range of promotional winter hats and beanies to choose from.

For all-round winter warmness, the perfect option is a hooded or zip-up jumper. Excellent cold weather clothing and an essential part of any wardrobe no matter the time of year, the jumper is ideal promotional merchandise.

Drink up!

There are few things better than a hot drink on a cold day; for most people, hot beverages are essential all year round, with an average of 50 billion cups of tea drunk a year! Giving out mugs or travel cups is a safe choice even in the height of summer, but especially so in winter, when the weather lends itself to tea and coffee. 

Regardless of whether your customer base has strong opinions on preferences over mugs, bottles or coffee cups, we have such a wide variety of options; you’ll be able to find everything you need. 

If you’re having an event that involves hot drinks, we have disposable cups that come in various designs and sizes, each one customisable to suit your brand and a mix of compostable or recyclable cups.  

If you want a permanent presence in someone’s home, we also offer the option of branded travel mugs, offering a sturdy and reliable cup that, of course, can be branded with your logo. Aside from being sustainable, these travel mugs can even save your client base money, with many coffee shops offering money off drink prices for the use of reusable cups. 

Much like the disposable cups, the branded travel mugs come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from clear plastic with silicone grips to anti-bacterial travel mugs with handles for ease of use.  

There’s the option of ceramic mugs for a home or office environment, coming in a range of shapes and sizes and all customisable. 

With an almost endless range of items to promote your business with this winter, you can guarantee you’ll be at the forefront of your client’s minds with your personalised promotional merchandise.

If you want to find out how we can help you with promoting your business at any time of the year, you can contact us here for more information.